Securing your website, app or web portal

Your privacy is our concern. Our servers are hosted in highly secure Dutch data centres, where your data is stored encrypted. Thanks to additional security measures, we make your website, app or web portal hack & malware proof.

Website security

Managing in your own hands

Because we keep all our servers and projects in-house, any change is possible. Tightening spam protection, making projects accessible only to specific IP addresses: these are some examples of our flexible security.

We strive not to depend on outside suppliers. That’s why we prefer to develop all our software ourselves.

Safety measures:

  • Security of your website at the WordPress & server level
  • Data encryption through SSL certificate in various grades
  • Firewall protection
  • GEO blocking at the server level
  • Shielding network from externals

More management & support:

Data encryption

Have you ever landed on a website that did not have an SSL certificate? In the past you could still visit such a website, nowadays many browsers deny access if a website is not secure. This certificate ensures that data sent through the website is encrypted and thus unusable by hackers.

On our own databases, we go a step further and use additional technology to protect data.