Technical SEO, just a step further

SEO is more than just typing the right keywords and texts of 300 words. Search engines also check to see if technically everything is in order. The better your site is technically in order, the higher your search engine results will be. And let technology be our business!

technical seo

Your website as a technical topper

Search engines such as Google and Bing use robots to search websites. Whereas before they only looked at text and images, these bots now also look at the technical structure. The better the website is put together, the faster it will load. This creates user satisfaction, which is all the search engines look for.

Think about the right use of headings, image formats and how a website functions on mobile. We go the extra mile on a technical level!

How do we improve the website?

When building, we already take care of the basics. A pleasant SEO plugin, proper titles, headers and alt-texts and so on. We keep images, scripts and style sheets as small as possible and check for broken links.

And after the site went live…

We will gladly continue to manage your website technically to keep your search engine rankings high. The content remains under your own control, but we review the content monthly to see if any improvements can be made.

Design & development solutions:

Are you SEO experts?

SEO is twofold: content and technology. We focus purely on technology. Just give us a score of 100% in Google Lightspeed! In that area, we are absolutely experts.

SEO copywriting is not within our scope of work. We like to stick with what we know!

We do work with partners who write the finest SEO copy for your website, develop keyword strategies and place backlinks. By working together, we achieve a beautiful, fast and easily findable website!