Integrations & interfacing

Integrating programmes with each other or creating interfaces between various systems: we love this! We link your favourite programmes together and make them communicate with each other.


Linking software and programs together

You probably recognize it: your company grows, as well as the programs you use. One for accounting, another for time registration and yet another to track inventory information. This sometimes becomes complex and ideally you would like to see everything in 1 system. After many years of experience, we also now know that the ideal system does not exist. A nice mix must be made between the best functionalities. We are your connection in this!

Examples of integrations and links by 2makeITwork

We are proud of the programs we connect to each other. We will show you some examples.

AccountView & Paymo
The financial package AccountView extracts information about billable hours from the time registration tool Paymo through our interface.

A link between our own system QCNEXXT and invoicing package WeFact: as soon as an inspection is approved, draft invoices are immediately prepared.

Dynamics 365 Business Central with QCNEXXT
A collaboration with Aptean for our client Dole Europe resulted in an interface between Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision Dynamics) and our own Quality Control system.

Artisio & auction house Vendu Rotterdam
For our client Vendu Rotterdam we realised a new WordPress website including an integration with auction package Artisio. Read more in this case.

More custom software:

More efficiency and less login

Connecting systems brings many benefits. It often results in your employees only having to log into 1 place to access all the information.

At the same time, the information retrieved by the link can be shaped in its own way. In your own corporate identity, for example, or completely without layout. In a customised web portal, or preferably you will receive the information by email. Whatever option you choose, we make it work!

Wondering if your interface is also possible? Feel free to ask us!