EDI messaging for various industries

EDI is the lightning-fast exchange of electronic files between different systems. The big advantage of this exchange is that you no longer have to manually transcribe things. Using EDI provides a huge efficiency boost for your business!

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What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interexchange, or the exchange of electronic messages in a fixed format. This way every message is the same, there is less chance of errors and it saves a lot of manual work.

EDI messages are exchanged between companies and their suppliers or customers. Not exciting, it seems. Yet this often proceeds with difficulty. So where is the crux? Each company has its own standards for the messages. Some use PDF, others Excel, some use 26 columns and others 28…. With our EDI technique, we make these messages “flat” and generic for each system.

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Examples of EDI message exchange for customers

  • EDI with logistics information between our customer Direct Source International and Retail Netherlands
  • Exchange of invoices for our customers Dole and Total Produce with their customers
  • Sending and receiving order, delivery and pricing information for AudioBizz Benelux.

More custom software:

Managed EDI

We see a trend today that many organizations require their customers or suppliers to provide EDI messages. But far from all companies have this knowledge. Understandable, because you are focusing on your business and not web development!

2makeITwork offers EDI as a Service as a custom web solution. In addition to establishing the EDI messaging, we also set up the secure EDI connection for you. We already have a lot of experience in various sectors!