We create native & web-based apps

Ready for the next step and do you feel it’s time to transform your portal, extranet or system into an app? 2makeITwork develops both native apps and web-based apps. A few native apps from 2makeITwork can already be found in the AppStore and the Google Play Store.

Apps development

Why choose a web-based app?

A web-based app is a website that is designed to be used on a mobile device. All of our websites and systems are built responsive, and with a little tweaking we turn it into an app.

The benefits of a web-based app

  • Will not be in the AppStore/PlayStore, therefore called private app
  • Lower costs related to development and no costs for Apple/Google
  • Through an icon on your phone, we make the web-based app look like a native app
  • Updates are made instantly

Why choose a native app?

Developing a native app and releasing it on Apple’s AppStore or Google’s Playstore brings some advantages. The app can communicate with the phone’s operating system. Consider sending push notifications, or uploading photos from your phone.

The benefits of a native app

  • Can be accessed by anyone because it is placed in the AppStore/PlayStore
  • Optimal use of available features of the phone
  • Integration capabilities with other apps

More custom software:

Custom apps development

An app always starts with a good idea. We are happy to discuss this idea with you and analyse what is needed: can we create a web-based app, or do we recommend a native app?

We develop native apps together with a partner specialising in Apple and Android apps. Of course, this involves additional costs. Therefore, our advice will always be transparent: we do not recommend a native app if you can get by with a web-based app.

Hosting and Support
When developing an app, you will receive the hosting and support you are used to from us. Fast, secure servers, short lines and smooth communication.