24/7 monitoring of all systems

With our monitoring service, we keep an eye on our networks, servers, connections and security 24/7. Should anything go missing, we’ll fix it asap. We always monitor proactively. Our goals is to prevent issues instead of curing them.


Proactive and preventive monitoring

Even the smallest changes are alerted by our systems. In doing so, we take into account frequently occurring issues or issues that have occurred in the past. Monitoring and fault management translates on several levels. Whether it is a full hard disk or an internet connection that has gone down, we monitor everything.

Our monitoring tools

  • Using Cisco Umbrella, we filter outgoing DNS traffic for rogue requests.
  • With Fortiweb filtering (firewall solution), we block conspicuous data traffic from specific countries.
  • Eset Endpoint Security: the antivirus solution including sandboxing, Microsoft 365 security etc.
  • Monitoring tool Nagios monitors all components in our network.
  • FreshService is deployed to monitor workflows, knowledge items and asset management.

More management & support:

Equipment failure?

As soon as we see that a component in our network quits, for example, a disk in a server, we order new hardware and start replacing it as soon as possible.

Of course, your hardware can also break down. We often deliver replacement hardware within a few days. Sometimes even on the same day! An expert from 2makeITwork will come to replace the broken hardware at your location.