Managed hosting: our added value, your peace of mind

Hand over your server management to 2makeITwork. Our server experts manage your virtual environment and ensure that backups are running and updates are carried out on time. One less worry!

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Application and server hosting with a golden touch

Every company naturally wants to keep up with the latest technologies and capabilities, but not everyone has the time or knowledge to do so. By using managed hosting, you hand the server management over to experts. Our added value, your peace of mind!

We provide your entire server environment and ensure that everything works and continues to work optimally.

All managed by 2makeITwork

Managed hosting is also customized

Your online environment is tailored to your needs and requirements. Your business is unique: so is our solution for you. As an administrator, we take the difficult tasks off your hands and provide a stable, secure server environment.

More management & support:

Secure with Cisco Umbrella

Umbrella is a network solution to better secure and monitor the network. In Umbrella’s software, all requests taking place in the network are automatically filtered, scanned and blocked which ensures a secure and trusted environment.

We deploy this additional layer of security in addition to the usual application of Firewalls and Endpoint software on the computers and servers. That way our and your network is better protected from attacks by malicious hackers and we can all sleep safely #2makeyousafe