Extensive care for your ICT security

ICT security works both ways: no sensitive information may be disclosed, but nothing unpleasant, such as malware, may get in either. On different layers, 2makeITwork secures your email, data, servers, websites and even printers!


An incident can happen anytime

Your business is as strong as its weakest link. An unintentional mistake by an employee is easily made. Security breaches in programs or websites are common, so properly covering your business against all risks is a must. Comprehensive care for security, monitoring and management of all our services is what we stand for.

How does 2makeITwork secure its services?

  • We monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and filter for legitimacy and intervene where necessary;
  • With Fortiweb filtering (firewall solution), we block conspicuous data traffic, apply techniques such as geoblocking and ensure that with a mail server, only mail traffic occurs;
  • We work with antivirus security including sandboxing, Microsoft 365 security etc.;
  • Pulse Secure, only access through SSLVPN and 2 factor is key;
  • Monitoring tool Nagios monitors all components in our network;
  • FreshService is deployed to monitor workflows, knowledge items and asset management.
Pulse Secure
Cisco umbrella

Our other managed cloud services:

ISO 27001 certified

Security seeps into all of our services. You often don’t notice this, but in the background all sorts of tools are working to keep your network, your cloud workspace and your mailbox as secure as possible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our systems don’t do weekends!

Cybersecurity does not stop at installing an antivirus program, it is so much more. Updates and security are ensured thanks to our ISO 27001 certification. You can rest assured that we provide a safe, stable and well-maintained service to you and will continue to do so!