Convenient collaboration in Microsoft 365

Meet with your colleagues online in Teams, work together in Word and Excel, and access your mail anywhere through Outlook. All that on all your devices. Including backup? We make IT work!

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A streamlined ICT solution

The traditional Office suite has been offered in the cloud by Microsoft for several years under the name Microsoft 365. Whereas previously a one-time payment was required for an Office license, in the new setup the Office package is offered as a service. For this, you pay a fairly small monthly fee. Within Microsoft 365, you have the ability to use the Office suite on laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.

Included within that amount are updates to the Office suite. Also included are services such as mail hosting, online conferencing, file storage and sharing so you can collaborate pleasantly.

Microsoft 365 is the new standard

The SaaS setup (Software as a Service) of Microsoft 365 is pretty much the standard when we set up a new IT environment.

What else does 2makeITwork offer?

  • Email in Outlook: spam filtering, backup, archiving, sandboxing, automatic signature
  • Meet in Teams: full service support on meetings and file sharing
  • Shared drives and files in OneDrive
  • Login with two-factor authentication
  • DNS management (SPF, DKIM, DMARK, etc.)

Our other managed cloud services:

I can do that myself, can’t I?

We know what you think. It sounds simple: create an account and get started. But it sounds simpler than it is. That’s why Microsoft 365 falls under a managed cloud service at 2makeITwork: we provide the initial setup and then stay involved in support and management.

Automatic signature

A pretty layout of your email signature adds to the professional look of your business. 2makeITwork designs a signature in your corporate identity and makes sure it is set up for all employees. No manual action is required here: it is added automatically when the mail is sent. #easypeasy