Your workplace in the cloud

Working in the cloud always sounds so elusive, but 2makeITwork makes it easy: your computer is in the cloud, so you can always work with your programmes and in your files from anywhere. Sounds good, right?


Your ideal cloud workplace

Our workplaces are more flexible than ever! With our cloud workstations, you can work anywhere, anytime. From any device, you can access your programmes, email and files. All you need is your laptop/tablet and a functioning Internet connection. 2makeITwork does the rest!

2makeITwork sets up the server or combination of servers on which your business will operate. There are options from 1 to 1,500 users. We establish all connections to your data shares/OneDrive and make sure the right permissions are set.  Does your computer crash? Annoying, but don’t panic: all the data is in the cloud so nothing is lost.

The benefits of working in the cloud

  • You control which programs are installed in your cloud
  • 2makeITwork monitors cloud workplace performance
  • SSL VPN: working securely at sites, at home or on the road
  • Login with two-factor authentication for added security
  • Multiple security layers

Our other managed cloud services:

Managed cloud workplace

Where do we make a difference? When we deliver a service, we don’t leave you to your own devices. We are always involved in the background (or sometimes foreground) in managing your cloud workplace.

Performance is monitored 24/7, and as soon as problems arise, we get to the bottom of where they are coming from. Even if it involves external programmes. Together, we look for the best solution for the issue. Your problem is our problem!

That’s managed hosting from 2makeITwork.