Managed cloud services

When you work in the cloud, you work without boundaries. And in some situations, that is exactly what you want. We are therefore happy to provide your workplace in the managed cloud with email and security. And the best part? 2makeITwork manages all your services, so everything keeps working well and is always up to date.

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The bigger picture, that’s what we’re going for

2makeITwork’s focus is not just on selling a service or product: no, our focus is on managed services. Managing and maintaining the service, that is where you will find our added value. Call it next level worry-free, thanks to a rock-solid help desk, guaranteed security and a well-regulated backup.

Leave that to 2makeITwork

Our unique selling point lies in our full service. This makes us incomparable to other providers where you only purchase a server. In service, but also in price. We like to be transparent about this: we are not the cheapest, but we are the best!

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Cloud workplace

We facilitate a cloud workplace with all desired programs.



We host your email with accompanying security, support and optimal accessibility.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Collaborate with your team in Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams: always in sync!



With our monitoring service, we keep an eye on our networks, servers, connections and security 24/7.



The purpose of our services is to ensure the continuity of your business. Therefore, we manage your ICT objects and we record these agreements.



With VoIP telephony with 3CX, you can call your business phone number anytime, anywhere.


Security seeps into all our services. You often don’t notice this, but in the background all kinds of tools are working to keep your network, your cloud workplace and your mailbox as secure as possible. Cybersecurity does not stop at installing an antivirus programme, it is so much more! Updates and security are guaranteed thanks to our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification.

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