WAN solutions from 2makeITwork

If your company has several branches, it is convenient when the networks of the branches are connected. 2makeITwork offers various solutions to bridge distances over the Internet.

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Solutions to be connected everywhere

A WAN (Wide Area Network) consists of multiple LANs (Local Area Network) connected to each other. The fact that you always have to use a 4G/5G/hotspot connection outside is out of date. Even when you work somewhere other than the office, you can be connected to a company network.

Linking branches

Does your company have multiple locations, or do many employees work from home? It’s best if everyone works in 1 network. They use the same programs and work in the same files. 2makeITwork uses VPN to link locations together and provide a streamlined work environment.

More connectivity solutions:

The benefits of managed WAN

  • Your network is customized
  • Management & support, managed & on-site
  • Proactive and preventive monitoring
  • The same features at all your locations
  • Policies are set centrally
  • Supply and install hardware
  • Always support on the network
  • 100% safety guaranteed