Point-to-point connection, a smart solution

Don’t have the ability to connect your premises to fiber or another network? If so, a jet link may be the way to go.

jet link

A point-to-point connection (jet link) is a strong connection between 2 locations. This solution is often used to cover long distances.

When do we deploy this solution? If there is a good Internet connection in Building A, there is no need to build a separate connection in Building B. One location uses the other’s network.

Such a connection can also come in handy in industrial halls or large warehouses. Through point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, we can send the network to the remote locations giving you Internet everywhere.

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A real-life example

In Ridderkerk, we facilitate internet at several sports venues. At 1 of these locations, no fibre connection was possible, while across the street there is a swimming pool that does have a lightning-fast fibre connection.

To provide a quick, cost-effective solution, we set up a smart ‘beam connection’. The sports hall now uses the pool’s connection.