LAN, your ideal local area network

Has the business Internet been requested and delivered? Then we are going to build the network! We analyze your premises and recommend the best options.


Laying out your local network

Laying out your local area network (LAN) is always customized. 2makeITwork provides the total solution for your Internet connection: from construction and installation to management and monitoring. Leave that to us! #wemakeyouwork

The benefits of internet via 2makeITwork

  • Fixed monthly fee for maintenance
  • No more direct contact with the provider
  • Proactive and preventive connection management
  • Internet through all major providers such as Ziggo, KPN etc.

Closed WiFi network

Large office building or many square meters of warehouse? Here we build a closed, secure WiFi network with complete coverage.

Network partitioning

Segmenting your network is an ideal option when you manage a property that houses multiple tenants. The segments can communicate with each other, but can also be laid out in isolation.

Firewall security

Of course, as a business owner, you want you and your employees to use the Internet safely. This can easily be done with a firewall. Read more at security.

More connectivity solutions:

Superfast internet via optical fibre

With fibre optic, your company has superfast business internet. Would you like to know whether fibre optic is possible at your location? Then contact us. We will contact the provider to relieve you of all your worries.

Managed internet

The in-house Internet is also a managed service of 2makeITwork. We manage connections remotely, monitor performance and speed, and jump on top when we see a kink in the cable.

Specific needs?

Are you interested in a fallback internet connection? A 4G modem in a location where standard connections don’t work well? Or something super special? Discuss your requirements with us! We love a challenge.