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EDI is a way of exchanging data between different systems and parties. This streamlined service makes many manual actions unnecessary. And that secure EDI connection, we set it up for you.

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Messaging over a secure line

Electronic Data Interexchange (EDI) goes beyond just exchanging data. You can also see if the data arrived at the receiving party and if they were able to process it correctly. Using EDI gives you all the control! 2makeITwork sets up this connection for you, and manages and monitors this connection 24/7.

Healthcare (HL7)
For St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, the car park communicates with the St. Maartenskliniek access control system thanks to 2makeITwork. They use EDI protocol HL7.

In the logistics industry, we exchange information such as orders, loading confirmations and loading instructions. From warehouses, loading confirmations are sent to logistics service providers. Then the warehouse receives stock lists back.

We handle digital invoicing via EDI for various customers. They create invoices in their ERP system (e.g. Profix or SAP B1), which are sent to their customers via our connection. This allows their invoicing system to process this invoice directly. Error-free, fast and automatic!

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More connectivity solutions:

We are happy to help!

Complicated subject? We totally get it. We are here to help! 2makeITwork is your EDI partner. We allow your system to communicate with your partner’s system. And did you know that we also handle the development of these messages? Read more.

Do you think EDI is right for your business but are not quite sure how to put it in place? We will prepare an analysis with a corresponding plan.

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Let us know what you are struggling with. We have years of experience with various integrations and interfacing. Whatever you are looking for, we can connect it!