With our backup connection you are always on the air

No matter how strong the Internet connection is, external factors can sometimes cause it to fail. If this happens for a longer period of time, it costs money! You cannot continue working and the business is at a standstill. With our backup solution, there is always a connection ready to take over.

backup connection

Always online with our 4G fallback connection

As soon as the first Internet connection goes down, our 4G fallback connection takes over. We place a modem which connects to the mobile network. You can continue to make calls using VoIP, any VPN tunnels are restored and your cloud workspace is back up and running!

The benefits of backup internet from 2makeITwork

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Business continuity solutions

We pride ourselves on achieving an annual uptime of above 99%. Our business continuity solutions allow us to minimize loss.

We use standard recovery procedures. Would you like an updated policy? If so, it is certainly possible! Together we make an action plan for when a problem has occurred.