Connectivity services from 2makeITwork

Always connected with your colleagues, customers and suppliers over a strong, secure and fast connection: connectivity is more important than ever.

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Always connected

We don’t really think about it anymore, but we are always connected to the Internet. 2makeITwork arranges your business Internet connection. Once it is up and running, we take care of the internal company network (wired or cabled). We also provide smart connectivity solutions for outside so that you have connection all over your premises.

Do you work with sensitive information and want to securely exchange information with customers or suppliers? We offer several solutions for that.

Benefits of connectivity by 2makeITwork

Zakelijk internet

Internet for business

Completely unburdened in the application and setup of your business Internet connection.

Lan verbinding


WiFi or wired, fiber or DSL: we advise on the best option for your business.

WAN verbinding


2makeITwork offers various solutions to bridge distances over the Internet.


Point-to-point connection

Don’t have the ability to connect your premises to fiber or another network? If so, a point-to-point (wireless) link may be the way to go.

Back-up verbinding

Backup connection

No matter how strong the Internet connection is, external factors can sometimes cause it to fail. With our backup solution, there is always a connection ready to take over.

EDI verbinding

EDI connection

EDI is a way to exchange data between different systems and parties. And the needed secure EDI connection, we set that up for you.

Our partners

We always work with partners and suppliers with whom we have established good relationships. This way, we never face any surprises and can provide you with the quality your business deserves.