Always operational with a business continuity plan

The term says it all: we create a plan of actions to ensure that your business remains operational at all times. Minimal interruptions and no data loss with business continuity management.


An uptime of 99.8%

We pride ourselves on achieving an annual uptime of above 99%. Of course, sometimes things go wrong at 2makeITwork and we get hit by problems too: but our strength lies in being able to restore all systems quickly. That’s where we make a difference.

We use standard recovery procedures, but would you like a custom policy? That is possible! Our plan is a mix of business continuity & disaster recovery. We take the necessary precautions, and have an action plan for when a problem has occurred.

Examples of business continuity

  • On weekdays, the server is incrementally backed up every 5 minutes
  • The retention policy is 7 days
  • We also back up a Microsoft Navision server every hour on weekdays
  • The retention policy is 24 hours
  • Daily backups are tested according to set conditions
  • Within minutes, an entire server can be restored from backup

Our other backup solutions:

Don’t skimp on business continuity

If your business processes are down, it creates distrust among your customers, reputational damage or even data loss. Not only a ransomware attack or a virus can be culprits, the COVID-19 pandemic also affects many businesses.

Customers of 2makeITwork were able to carry on from home and suffered no damage. Staff were able to continue working as usual!

Make the trade-off for yourself: do the monthly costs for a good backup plan outweigh these drawbacks?

With 2makeITwork’s support, you have a solid foundation and help is always nearby.