Backup test & recovery

Backing up is 1 thing, but backup testing is equally important. A backup can be damaged or fail, and then it is basically worth nothing. We avoid this by testing whether it succeeded before saving it.


Reduce the risk of data loss

Besides human errors, such as throwing away a file or a folder, computer systems can also make mistakes. Testing of the backups created is done daily and fully automatically because we work with Veeam. This tool monitors the process and checks the backups. Should anything go wrong, we will be notified immediately and can take action.

What do we test the backup for?

  • How quickly does a server come back online after a backup?
  • Is he coming back online at all?
  • Is it not infected with malware or a virus?
  • Has any update on a server been successful?
  • We do the testing in a completely separate environment

Our other backup solutions:

Business continuity

Losing company data is no longer a remote possibility. Internet criminals try to get into everyone’s home with the aim of shutting down your business and only releasing everything if you pay a ransom.

We do not consider this an option. We make sure your systems are back up and running without losing a single euro.

We like to think with you
Do you want to minimise risks and also be sure of full backups and 24/7 support in case of an emergency? We would be happy to draw up a plan together with you.