Backup distribution

Hosting data in 1 location is a risk: what if something happens to that location? That’s why we distribute our backups across multiple data centers.

backup distribution

Two data centers

Your data is processed within 2 Dutch data centers; in the primary data center, all systems are kept online and backed up locally. Each night, a mirror of the local copy is placed in the secondary data center. Geographically, these two data centers are 150 kilometers apart.

Yes, you read correctly: we are backing up a backup. This way we can guarantee that nothing is lost. We create a mix of different backup techniques that allow us to restore to your system within minutes in the event of loss or damage.

How does this work?

  • Based on your requirements and wishes, we can create a backup schedule. This can traditionally be every night, but this can also be every hour and it can also be every 5 minutes
  • The moment the backup is made we copy this backup to the secondary data center
  • In a separate environment we unpack the backup and there it is automatically tested for success

Our other backup solutions:

Do you have a physical server on site?

We can also back these up to our data centers. Should the local server break down, we restore this backup to a virtual server in the data center. You can continue working right away without purchasing a new physical server.