Our strong backup services

2makeITwork’s servers store all your files and backups with maximum security. Our servers run daily backups, which we store carefully.

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Backup services

With our strong backup services, we make sure you never lose a file again. Your data is backed up for at least 7 days and longer if necessary. We do this backup across multiple locations.

Testing & Recovery

In addition, we can test the backups and restore them should the need arise. Of course, it is also possible to set up these services as customised solutions. We look at your requirements and the possibilities together with you.

Back-up distribution

Back-up distribution

Hosting data in 1 location is a risk: what if something happens to that location? That’s why we distribute our backups.

Back-up test and recovery

Back-up test & recovery

We test the created backups to make sure they are complete, functioning correctly and clean of malware.

Microsoft 365 backup

Microsoft 365 backup

With Microsoft 365 backup, you are assured that your entire Microsoft 365 environment is backed up.

Business continuity

Business continuity

We establish a plan detailing how we will act in the event of loss or damage to your systems.

Backup in the cloud

Accidentally overwrote a file or threw it in the recycle bin? We will retrieve it for you from the cloud backup in no time. That sounds simple. But a backup procedure has several layers and is not just about files. Together, we draw up a policy that works best for your business.

Management, monitoring and security

2makeITwork takes extensive care of security, monitoring and management of the backup solution provided. Via our guidelines, drawn up in the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality manual, procedures are monitored and followed on a daily basis.

Custom backup

Setting up a backup procedure is customised work. We work with established partners for our backup procedures and use tools that hold no secrets for us. The possibilities are endless!