Good expectations with our SLA & XLA

Depending on your organisation, we make arrangements with you in an SLA or XLA. With the agreements in the SLA or XLA, we are constantly improving the quality of our services.


Service Level Agreement

The purpose of our services is to ensure the continuity of your business. Therefore, we manage your ICT objects and we record these agreements so that we both have good expectations.

What do we agree on?

  • Preventive: identifying issues and trends, taking care of authorizations
  • Corrective: taking and handling incidents, testing and performing updates
  • Periodic consultation and reporting
  • Provide support to client ICT administrators
  • Proactive management of the (online) environment through continuous monitoring
  • Maintain software applications, backups, telephony, and website management
  • Do you have critical business operations? Then you can also take a 24-hour emergency number

Our other automation services:


Offering and monitoring ICT services, monitoring, supporting with a help desk and fulfilling wishes described in an SLA is, in our opinion, no longer sufficient. We are increasingly using XLAs: eXperience Level Agreements. With an XLA, it’s not just about whether a service works or not; it’s also about the user experience. Does the service or program work nicely? Is the support perceived as pleasant? Is the customer happy with the overall picture? Only then are we happy! #2makeyousmile