Back to work with our help desk

Our ICT experts on the help desk are ready to assist you with issues and bugs. Our driven team ensures that you can get back to work quickly.


Full service support by ICT experts

ICT is there to make your job easier, not harder. That’s why 2makeITwork makes sure your applications and devices work exactly the way you want them to. We provide full service support on all our solutions.

We are available weekdays from 8:00 – 17:00. You can reach us by email 24 hours a day for support questions. In addition, our monitoring system keeps an eye on all of our customers’ networks and vital servers 24 hours a day.

On-site management

In addition to the telephone help desk, we also offer on-site support. A big part of the management and maintenance is done remotely. It can happen that you need support or maintenance which cannot be done online. In that case, we will visit you on site.

Our other automation services:

Watching with TeamViewer

We use TeamViewer as a tool to check issues on your computer system. Saves us travel time, saves you waiting time! As soon as we deliver your PC or laptop, we will make sure that TeamViewer is installed on it. When you email or call us with an issue, we log in to your system and work together to find a solution.

Can’t find the program? Then download our special TeamViewer QuickSupport by the orange button on top! Just provide us with your ID and we’ll log in!