Good automation starts with hardware & software

To work efficiently, a well-automated workplace is crucial. We help you with your automation by placing solid hardware and installing the software your company needs.

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Full ICT management

2makeITwork takes care of the delivery, installation and management of your ICT. Purchasing hardware and software at one company can save costs. By doing so, you are also directly choosing good quality and support thanks to our help desk. This allows us to provide you with the best IT experience. A good start is half the battle!

We make sure you have the hardware and software that suits your business. We take the ordering, installation and configuration of hardware and software off your hands. After installation, we also take care of your PC and software security and all warranty procedures. We always maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on our hardware. If a product is within warranty, we will handle communication with the supplier/repairer.

Our working method

  • Together we determine the requirements for the hardware to be delivered.
  • We seek the most competitive prices from our regular suppliers.
  • We will make you a quote including an explanation of the services.
  • We place the order with our partner and install the hardware.
  • Your favorite programs such as Outlook, Word, Adobe Acrobat are installed right away.
  • Then we make sure everything is delivered to you plug-and-play.
  • Of course, we take care of all warranty procedures.
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HP Hardware

Our other automation services:

Inventory by 2makeITwork

A new office? Let’s start! We like to be there from the first moment so that we can determine the best technical setup. Consider data ports, power, routing of cabling, etc. We will create the most ideal working environment! If necessary, we will involve our own installers to prepare your office.

Business internet and telephony

We can also handle your business Internet and telephony. We are a proud provider of the best VoIP phone system. For this service, we provide the hardware and ensure proper installation and configuration of the 3CX PBX. You download the app on your phone and you can already start making calls!