The history of 2makeITwork

We go way back! For 16 years now, we have been working hard to come up with the best solutions. In the course of time, we have grown into a team of 17 people, working pleasantly together across 2 departments. Curious about how we have grown? Check out our timeline here!

In den beginne

In the beginning...

2makeITwork was founded in 2008 in ‘s-Gravendeel. Michel and Gerben have worked together on various projects since 1997 and  decided to start their own business in 2008. The goal of 2makeITwork becomes providing custom ICT solutions for various disciplines.

Note: this picture dates back to 2002!


Going international

2makeITwork first went international in 2009, for an appointment in Birmingham to be precise. Several trips abroad follow in subsequent years. We work together with big names in the international AGF market and travell to England, Germany, Belgium, Dubai and South Africa to do so. We can now regularly be found abroad for clients such as Dole and Greenyard.


From 's-Gravendeel to Rotterdam

2makeITwork is running like clockwork! We move to an office on the Vasteland in Rotterdam: a central location, easily accessible for our clients and employees. The client base is constantly expanding. We have a wide variety of clients, from AGF to education and from retailers to auction houses. We have now doubled in size and are four people in the office.


Development of GRAS

In 2014, 2makeITwork started developing GRAS. GRAS is a customised software solution that allows children to register online for activities run by municipalities and comprehensive schools. Activity providers can easily monitor data with this tool. GRAS is a product that we continue to develop and optimise, tailored to the needs of each individual customer.


2makeITwork and healthcare

In 2015, we tapped into a new market: healthcare. Our first healthcare client is Kraamzorg Rotterdam, a major player in our region. This tastes like more, both for us and from the healthcare industry, and we now have several (maternity) care organisations in our client base.

Klusteam 2makeITwork


The company continues to grow and our office on the Vasteland is bulging! We have more employees than desks and decide to move to Kratonkade in Rotterdam. Here we renovate and create an open office with more than enough space for our (now 8) employees. What a space!

(2012-) 2018

Development and metamorphosis of QCNEXXT

QCNEXXT is a product of 2makeITwork. QCNEXXT was developed in 2012 and has been constantly improved over the years through various customisation requests from users. In 2018, QCNEXXT underwent a major metamorphosis, both functionally and externally – and is now the most user-friendly QMS in the inspection landscape.

Erkend leerbedrijf

Recognised training company

We are happy to take on students for work experience or graduation internships. Supervising fresh, young employees gives us energy and inspiration. In 2020, our hard work will be rewarded with the title “Recognised Training Company”.

ISO certificaten

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

2020 was also the year of our ISO certifications. With the integrated management system, we manage the quality and information security aspects of our business operations and thereby comply with all relevant legal, business and contractual security obligations.

Kantoor 2makeITwork


We bought our office building in Barendrecht in mid-2020. Meanwhile, we had outgrown our premises in Rotterdam and were moving to premises with more space. Our move to our premises in Barendrecht took place in December.


What next?

And now we work daily with a fine team on the most beautiful ICT and web development projects.

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